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Week 8 Video. A very special thank to teams to teams from Arlington, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado for finishing off Rohan and Karen’s House. 

All eight of us are so blessed to have worked with the amazing people that came through this summer. God Bless

-NS Jamaica Staff

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I realize that this is late in being posted (sorry for the delay). Video Update from Week Six. This week we were blessed by a group of individuals from around the United States. We also traveled to Negril on our free day renowned for it’s world famous 7 mile beach. 

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asburymadison asked: Looks like a lot of wonderful work is being done and lives are being changed. God bless you all. By the way what happened to Davidson eye? He has a band aide on it? Keep up the good works. Robert

We’ve really been blessed by the teams that have come through for all of their work on the sites. David was accidentally struck in the forehead by another team member. As far as I know there are no hard feelings. We hope you are doing well!


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mdevany-deactivated20130706 asked: Hi! I'll be joining you guys on July 10 and I'm SO excited! I won't be coming with a group though, are there any tools/other supplies I should bring? Thanks!

Thanks for asking! there is nothing really that we need as far as tools go. But make sure to bring an air mattress, work gloves and eye protection!

See you soon,


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adamlj asked: What is something that every group has shown up in Jamaica and wish that they had brought with them?

Great question! Most of the groups have been quite well prepared so far. I can think of two things. First off, I think our staff has been surprised by how much bug spray has been used by the teams, so I would suggest carrying some along. Second, if you don’t have an air mattress you’ll be sleeping on the ground. Bring one if you can, if not, we’ve had students sleep in hammocks the last few weeks. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks,


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In our video wrap-up from week four, I made the error of not including any photos from Juliet’s House (aka Providence 1). Last week the committed crew at Juliet’s House made immense progress on the walls; all of which was not included in the video. Here are some photos documenting their journey. Way to go Crew 1!


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Update from week Four from our Site in Jamaica. 

This week we were excited to start work on two other projects; the Next Step Recovery Center and another home extension in Providence Heights. Many thanks for the hard work that the students from Westminster Church and The Hill Baptist put in this week. 

We look forward to another week of service as we host St. James’ Episcopal Church coming all the way from Washington state!